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The Theme of the 2012 Pathfinder Fair is "Faith in the Midst of Fire".  The theme represents the story of the 3 Hebrew boys and their faith in the midst of fiery furnace.  Our aim is to remain standfast to our faith whenever we are confronted with various pressures and temptations in our lives.


What: The Lake Region Conference Pathfinder Fair is an annual end-of-the-Pathfinder-Year event.  It is a time of sharing some of the projects the Pathfinders from around the Conference have been doing throughout the Pathfinder year.  The Fair inspires motivation for Pathfinders to do their best and gives them a place to showcase their work and skills.

Why: The purpose of the day is to celebrate Pathfinder ministry, affirm leadership, enjoy fellowship, and a chance to see what other clubs have done throughout the year.
Who: All are invited to attend - Pathfinders & Staff pay a participation fee.  Everyone else attends for free.
When: June 15-17, 2012 – Friday's Opening Ceremony starts at 7:30 pm with a rousing praise and worship service that you will not want to miss!!!  Saturday morning will kick off with another rousing praise and worship service.  Later in the day, we will have a parade on the campgrounds concluding with a special dedication of the new Youth Pavilion.  Sunday's events will be a day filled with fun, laughter, exhibits, demonstrations and field events.  Closing Prayer concludes the day and the Pathfinder Fair around 5pm.
Where: The Lake Region Conference’s Camp Wagner located in Cassopolis, Michigan

Registration:  This year we will have an online registration for each club.  See below for registration information.  The cost for this year's fair is $8 per person.

Pathfinder Fair UPDATES
1.  We are inviting all former Pathfinders to join us in celebrating the dedication of the new Youth Pavilion.  Each club should invite any former Pathfinders to join the Parade on Saturday as we march toward the new Pavilion.  Former Pathfinders are invited to wear any part of their uniform they may have.

2.  Each club is requested to bring a club guidon to each worship service.  This guidon will be part of the obstacle course, which will be the last field event on Sunday.  UPDATE:  The club guidon will also be part of the parade on Saturday.  Guidons should be purchased from Adventsource and decorated with club name, logo(optional) and colors (optional).

3.  Each club is requested to submit pictures or videos of Pathfinders in action during the past 2011-2012 calendar year to their area coordinator to be part of a special video presentation on Sabbath, June 16th.  Deadline for submission is May 15th. CANCELLED

4.  Each club must submit an event media waiver for each Pathfinder, staff, and accompanying chaperones.  The event media waiver will be collected upon onsite registration.  This is mandatory.

5.  Knot Tying, Obstacle Course and the booth information has been updated.  Click on the appropriate links to get the most current information.

6.  All field events are open to all Pathfinders from grade 5 to grade 12.

7.  Per the Pathfinder Fair Drum Coordinator, the requirement for Snare drums has been reduced from 3 to 1.  So drum corps only need 1 snare drum to participate in this event.

8.  REMINDER: Class A is to be worn on Sabbath; Sunday AM - Class A; Sunday Field events - Class B



Bible Memory Verse (required for inspection)

If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.
But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.
Daniel 3:17-18


2012 Pathfinder Fair Activities

Click here for Fair Manual--->  2012 Fair Manual

1. Basic First Aid           6. Babylon Chariot Challenge
2. Fire Building             7. Mountain Bike Relay
3. Knot Tying               8. Insect Identification
4. Fifty-yard dash         9. Mammal Identification
5. Drum Corps            10. Obstacle Course

       11. Basketball Free-Throw Competition
         12. Basic and Freestyle Marching and Drilling

Booth, Table or Parade Float

Fair Camp Site Map & Schedule

Campsite Map     Emergency Map

Schedule of Events

2012 Pathfinder Fair Registration Information

For the 2012 Pathfinder Fair, registration will be performed online to indicate your club attendance, numbers of persons attending, and events in which your club will participate. 

There are two steps for registration.
Step 1:  Register your club / individual online
(if using Internet Explorer click HERE)
Step 2:  Submit payment via mail

The cost for the 2012 Pathfinder Fair is $8 per person which includes staff.  This cost includes event participation, camping, club awards, team and individual awards and a Pathfinder Fair patch.  Upon successfully registering, you will be directed where to submit your payment. 

Deadline for Registration and Payment submission is June 9, 2012

2012 Pathfinder Fair Committee Members
Robert H. Jackson, Jr, Chair
Heather Thomas
Ruphos Brown
Robert Jackson, Sr.

Warren Saunders
Dr. Pat Watts-Coleman
Gayle Kimmey
Diane Baker

LaMont Thomas
Daphne Springer
Maurice Small
Angie Gardner
Teresa Rodgers
Stacie Epps
Brian Smith


General Camping Requirements

* Pathfinder Clubs that are fully registered will be able to camp – no exceptions.
* See “Risk Management Documentation” for safety policies.
* All pathfinders should camp by clubs.
* Each club should be self sustaining. This means that each club will furnish adequate shelter, food, equipment, and any thing else needed for the well-being of the pathfinders.
* Counselors will assume full responsibility for the pathfinders in their units and will be with them at all times.
* Counselors and other staff are to lead out in maintaining a consistently safe environment of all Pathfinder, and activities.
* Inspections will be made of unit living areas. Tents and equipment must be arranged in a neat and orderly manner (see camp site inspection requirements).
* Each adult staff member should be in full uniform. Each club will bring its pathfinder flag and American flag which will be posted at clubs entrance and carried to formal functions and parades as directed. (Support staff is exempt).
* ATTENTION: Pathfinder and staff are to be trained in the basic drill information and proper procedures for raising and lowering the flag. We are more interested in having each pathfinder of every club know how to execute the basic movements than to have a few do fancy drills, even though in it’s place that is important as well.
* Buckets and containers for carrying water to your campsites are necessary. There is plenty of water, but the faucets are located at certain points.
* Uniform: The official pathfinder class A uniform is to be worn for all events requiring uniforms (Sabbath School & Worship, Community Events, Induction / Investiture Services – see Itinerary for clarity).
* Outside disturbances: No electrical devices of any kind to be brought to the Pathfinder Village. The director and staff will keep charge of all electrical devices.
* Each club must obtain and bring parental a permission slip for each Pathfinder who attends the Fair.

Click on links below to access important information.
Pathfinder Fair Land Layout Model
Pathfinder Village Camp
Pathfinder Village Camp Risk Management
Pathfinder Village Camp Site Inspection
Pathfinder Village Camp Gray Water
Camping Supplies
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