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Welcome to the 2011-2012 LRC Adventurer year. In the "Adventurer Forms and Reports" area, you will find the Adventurer Monthly report form and the LRC Adventurer Handbook.
Monthly reports are to be submitted to your area coordinator via email by the 5th of the following month. (For example, the September report is due by October 5th.)

Thank you,

Dr. Charmaine Jake-Matthews
LRC Adventurer Coordinator

Area Coordinators
Chicagoland     Artric Brown                      
Hispanic           Iris Maldonado              
Illiana               Charmaine Jake-Matthews
Michiana          Yvonna Applewhite       
Minni-Wis        Charmaine Jake-Matthews
Motor City       Shirley Fuquay             

Adventurer Handbook

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